It may sound strange.. but
there is great value in the diversity and unrelatedness of crowds..

At the edges of our networks, a thousand flowers are blooming..

From Bitcoin Blockchain technologies to advances in mesh networks connecting devices together to create new people powered communication systems... to new understandings of 'emergent semantics' processes at work in folksonomies and massive user generated data sets powering new forms of search and discovery systems... 'Edge Principles' are driving a new wave of innovation.

Edge Principles... Mining the value that resides in Crowds

There is a great deal of innovation that has been stimulated by the rise of technologies like Bitcoin, but P2P systems like Bitcoin are part of a much wider field that utilize processes that occur at the edges of networks.

Crowds can be Impartial..

Loosely associated collaborative entities can be harnessed to help distributed systems like Bitcoin’s blockchain to provide certainty..

Crowds Contain Massive Resources..

The combined processing power of all of our computing devices working together would be much more powerful than Google..

Crowds Contain Interesting People

and future friends that we haven’t met yet.. or sources of important information that are useful to you.. but how do you find them?

Industry sectors that are being, (or will be) transformed by these forces..

Finance & Insurance

The Fin Tech sector is starting to grasp the significance of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, and Insurance sector is close behind.

Security & Identity

Blockchain technologies are making a huge impact on the way we determine identity and redefining notions of security.

Content Distribution

Content distribution technologies evolved quickly over the last 20 years, but have yet to integrate 21st Century monetisation systems.


Consumer & Social

‘Big data’ generated by web users is not being utilized by them, though using their devices they hold the power to transform markets.

The SPSP Platform

This project started out as a P2P search system based on creating a P2P network that could only exchange one thing.. Tags. Billions and billions of them. It was like an epiphany.. because we realized that tags are authentic indicators of human intent, each file is tiny, (maybe 10 kb) not subject to copyright (Google went to court to prove this), and could be made to self sort, like a massive ocean of interest data, that (we believed) should rightfully remain under the control of ordinary users. The name SP/SP Platform & Network is derived from two of the key processes of the client-side functionality of the software: Self-Processing and Self-Profiling. Users ‘Self Process’ their personal tag-cache automatically, and ‘Self Profile’ their identity information, rather than it being processed on Corporate servers.

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